Appraisals Department

Tetra is an experienced Texas appraisal firm certified for both commercial and residential appraisal services. The Tetra Appraisal team leverages its’ vast experience and knowledge base to deliver one of the most accurate and expeditious products in the business.

The Appraisal office utilizes web and client based software, as well as state of the art data gathering tools in the field to assemble reports with the highest levels of accuracy, in an EDI format. Tetra Appraisals is a forward thinking firm.

Our Residential appraisers serve the Greater Houston Metropolitan area, as well as surrounding counties. Our Commercial Appraisal team appraises throughout the state and combine their knowledge of many property types with their ability to prepare timely reports to meet client requirements.

Working in concert with its clients on numerous successful projects has enabled Tetra Appraisals to refine the production process, providing Tetra’s clients with realistic and accurate risk analysis, project time frame, and cost projections while meeting deadlines.

The Tetra standard adds value to its client’s services through high quality services individually tailored to meet their needs. Our loyal client base achieves maximum efficiency through Tetra’s ability to rapidly deliver top quality services that exceed the requirements of underwriters.

Our goal is to provide a superior product which allows our clients to focus their energy on their customers rather than vendors. We believe that delivering on time every time builds loyalty and business, as demonstrated through its many strategic partnerships in the Houston real estate industry.

FHA Eligible

Tetra’s appraisers are FHA certified

Prompt Turnaround

Tetra recognizes the importance of on time reports placed on AMCs in today’s market. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of AMCs.

Highest Quality and Accuracy

We have provided high quality residential and commercial appraisals in the Greater Houston Area for over 10 years.

Superior Customer Service

Tetra is dedicated to provide accurate, on time reports with a high level of support to our clients.


Utilizing the TOTAL software platform. On-line ordering, Highest quality reports, Unparalleled customer communication.


Tetra’s commercial group appraises: Retail,  Office Buildings, Mixed-Use, Industrial, Apartments, Restaurants and Special Use.

UAD Compliant

Tetra Appraisals reports are UAD compliant

AMC customer Support

Tetra provides a professional dedicated staff to respond to questions from AMCs.



Bank buildings and owner occupied office buildings.


Office Buildings

Tetra appraises multi-tenant and single tenant office buildings throughout the State of Texas.


Convenience Stores

Tetra Appraisals convenience stores, gas stations, and single and multi-tenant retail buildings.


Industrial & Manufacturing

Tetra Appraisals handles single and multi-tenant light industrial, manufacturing, office/warehouse, and self-storage facilities.


Schools, Churches and similar Special Use Facilities

Tetra Appraisals handles schools, churches, and event facilities.



Tetra Appraisals has provided valuations for quick service restaurants, free standing owner-occupied and leased restaurant, and ground leases throughout Texas.


Airplane Hangars

Tetra Appraisals provides appraisals of public and private aircraft and hangar facilities.


Medical Offices and Related Facilities

Tetra Appraisals appraises medical office buildings and outpatient treatment facilities.

Get in touch with us

Tetra Land Services is a full service commercial and residential land surveying company. We are HUB certified by the State of Texas and TXDot pre-certified. At Tetra Surveys, we understand that accountability and a commitment to expedient service is vital to our customers. Please contact us any time regarding our land surveying, platting, appraisal or other services.

2109 Lexington Houston, Texas 77098


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