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Tetra Land Services, as a general contracting and procurement firm, specializes in the management of various construction phases of civil development services:

The Tetra Land Services difference

  • RPLS with 40+ years experience
  • Open lines of communication
  • Handles Platting process
  • Commercial and Residential services
  • Handles Plats throughout Texas
  • Dedicated professional field crew
  • Construction Services

Get in touch with us

Tetra Land Services is a full service commercial and residential land surveying company. We are HUB certified by the State of Texas and TXDot pre-certified. At Tetra Surveys, we understand that accountability and a commitment to expedient service is vital to our customers. Please contact us any time regarding our land surveying, platting, appraisal or other services.

5304 Ashbrook, Texas 77081


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