Tetra Land Services is a full service commercial and residential land surveying company. The survey team specializes in: Commercial Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Platting and Re-platting Subdivision (Boundary, Lots, Streets and Utilities) and Sub-divided lots Neighborhood Design. Lot Survey Plot Plans; Form, Slab and Final Survey F.E.M.A. Elevation Certificates.

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The Appraisal team of Tetra Land Services is State certified for both commercial and residential appraisal services. The Appraisal office utilizes web and client based software, as well as state of the art data gathering tools in the field to assemble reports with the highest levels of accuracy, in an EDI format. Tetra Appraisals delivers: Superior customer service 2-4 business day turnaround.

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General Contracting, Management and Estimating. Tetra Land Services is experienced in the management of civil site development projects in and around the Gulf Coast area. Tetra Land Services, as a general contracting and procurement firm, specializes in the management of all construction phases of civil development services.

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Platting Department


City and county laws may require a Plat for your property. Tetra provides a turn-key platting service for homeowners and developers. We handle everything from the original survey, city and county applications, meeting with the planning departments and representation at any required public hearings.

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